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Add Pages to PDF

How to Add Pages to PDF Online

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Did you know that there’s a simple and effective way to add pages to a PDF document? Now you can easily apply all sort of edits to any PDF you have on your hard drive. For instance, you may find it useful when you need to import some missing content from another file or insert blank pages to be filled out later.

In the good old days, you would probably have to reinvent the wheel and use some complex software to make these things work. Fortunately, now you are able to achieve impressive results in a few quick steps without being a computer expert. There’s no need to spend time studying another program that you would only use once. There’s also no sense in paying any money and installing expensive software without knowing what you are getting back. Try now and resolve your difficulties once and for all.

How to Insert Pages to a PDF

Let’s find out how you can add pages to a PDF without effort. First, upload the file to the web editor. All the uploaded documents automatically appear on the dashboard in the ‘My Docs’ folder.

  • To get started, right-click on the one you need and press the ‘Add Blank Pages’ button.
  • Choose how many pages you wish to add and click ‘Add pages’. You will be immediately redirected to your file.
  • You are able to import from 1 to 5 blank pages each time you activate this option. Redo the operation once again if you want to add more.
  • Each page you import appear in the sidebar on the left side of your screen.

All the operations mentioned above can be performed from any Internet-connected device regardless of its operating system (Windows, Mac or Linux). Moreover, all our tools are mobile friendly and enable you to work from your Android phone or iPad just as easily as from a desktop computer.

Use the official application and discover other useful features that you can apply to your PDF documents online. You can edit and copy text, insert comments, notes and graphic objects, create templates, fillable forms, generate e-signatures, and do many other things. Each document you create or upload is stored on a secure offsite server. Enjoy our up-to-date toolkit and forget about watermarks and software-related inconveniences.

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– This was a great service. I was able to create and print out my documents in just 5 minutes. The step by step process was a breeze. Thanks again!