How Do You Save a Powerpoint as a PDF with 3 Slides Per Page?

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How do you save a PowerPoint as a PDF with 3 slides per page?

You can print the PDF as a "poster". That will resize the pages. But there are some drawbacks. When you have a PDF file with four PowerPoint slides per page, one way to think of it is that the slides are now "smaller" than in the original document, so that four of them will fit on a page. For example, here are four slides of a company presentation (incidentally, my employer). To print one slide per page, the solution is to "enlarge" them again. And one way to do this is to make the printer thi...

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Add Pages to PDF: All You Need to Know

When the file appears in the Publishing interface, click the PDF icon and then press Save. This will bring you to Adobe Acrobat (PDF) Viewer. You can also print from the PDF file by using the Print menu.