Is there Any Algorithm for Html to PDF Conversion?

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Is there any algorithm for HTML to PDF conversion? How do online converters work?

The Web works on HTTP. It is a stateless protocol. Meaning. - Not any of the pages are aware of each other and neither connected in any way. So, linking does not connect two different pages. Hence any software will not work and may not be developed in near future.

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To learn more about HTTP, read here. HTTP is an HTTP. If I understand correctly. All browsers and server will try to find an HTTP server and connect. Since the HTTP protocol is protocol independent. It can be used without protocol like SMTP, HTTP, LDAP, FTP etc. The only important thing here is the protocol and the protocol is a protocol that is shared by all different applications on the same level. What is a protocol and is it useful? “As a user, the browser can perform many tasks without your direct user input.” — From the HTTP specifications, HTTP/1.1 is the newest version. HTTP is a protocol that allows to send a message from a server to another website. In HTTP, this is called a Request. So, you can say that HTTP is a data packet. From any other webpage, you can send the content.