What Are the Things Which a Programmer Should Do in their 20s to Make?

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What are the things which a programmer should do in their 20s to make their career better?

There is a saying, the best time to start was 10 years ago, the second best is today. Of course it's possible! You don't need a paycheck asap, which is both an advantage and a disadvantage. The advantage is you can do your own projects that are tailored to your interests. You should do this! Build a little portfolio of code samples and things you can point to and say "I built this". That's almost as good as professional experience, and you don't need anyone's permission to start. If you care more about experience than money, Elance could be a good tool for you, too. In general, I find their pay incredibly below market, but if you're OK with working for less for now, you can get some experience there. The disadvantage is the lack of urgency could lead to procrastination. I would install something like Rescue Time so you know the hours you're really putting in. Also pick projects that are important to you so you keep at it and actually finish. Finishing is important. Also, maybe get some kind of professional or volunteer work. That will get you out in the world were you'll meet people who could be connections on getting a job later. It will also sharpen your soft skills to make you more hire-able. Good luck!

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If you start now you will have to work much harder, so be sure and commit yourself to the effort. I was working on some really complicated algorithms in the last two years and, even though I knew I couldn't solve the challenge, I still tried to learn and use the new tools and concepts. I will tell you about two projects which I really enjoy doing right now, which make me feel excited and satisfied. First, I am working on something to help create animations for Websites. The main target of the animation is to create animation of animations. As I've been following animation for the last ten years it is very interesting to me, particularly as animations are still a very young field: not very many people have worked successfully on them. So the first target I am working on has been to get used to building.

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